April 24, 2017

Well damn that was a long trip! Finally made it home today after being gone for the past 6 weeks. El Paso, Boston, New York, North Carolina! It was roudy, I worked the majority of the trip (I mean almost every minute of everyday)! 
Got home today, watched a movie with Lace, grabbed dinner from CPK, and then went down to the park to get some running in. Long story short, damn I love home. Feels good to have something positive to come home to. I have a pretty busy schedule left for 2017. That’s ok, we have some rad trips planned and I don’t mind going out with a BANG! However, next year is going to be a year like no one has seen from me. 
Traveling is Coming to an abrupt halt. We are planning on getting a dog at the end of the year, along with a couple classes at the community college nearby. I’ve been given an allowance of 90 days of traveling, 1/4 of the year. Which to most might seem like a lot, however, I’m usually on the road 9 months a year. It’s a full 180, and it’s going to be awesome. 
Going to be very picky about the tattoo projects I take on next year. I think I’m looking to do predominately large pieces only. Sleeves will be the smallest project I take on. 19 years of tattooing, I’m just ready to take my artwork to larger scale artworks instead of small bangers. I’m sure there will still be time for a few smaller pieces here and there, but large Works will definitely have priority!
I’m not going to stay on this blog too long, gotta get some rest so we can hit Turtle Head hike tomorrow, I’m only home until Thursday. No rest for the wicked. Here’s a few pieces I’ve done lately that I feel represent the newer approach to tattooing. I’m coming in a little slower, making things tighter, darker, crispier. Hope you enjoy them. Please comment below. Thanks, carl πŸ’€


April 9, 2017

What’s up world. Figured now would be a good time to update the lates in my life. Been on the road for a month now, from El Paso, to Boston, to New York. Today’s Sunday. On Friday I fly to North Carolina for the All American Tattoo Expo. Going to be a rad convention, I’ll be there with 3 others from the Aged in Oak Team. 

After that, I have 4 days off to head down and hang with Lace and her folks, they moved to North Carolina last year, so we booked this trip for this sole purpose. Following that I have a 2nd expo in charlotte where I’ll be working for 3 days. Long story short, I’m still on the road, and it looks like I’ll be on the road for somewhat the majority of the year minus the summer and after October. 

Next year, immgetting OFF the road. I’m limiting myself to 90 days of travel (including holidays). Limiting myself to 3 domestic tattoo conventions. Meaning, people are going to have to travel to Vegas for a year. I’ve been on the road for the goood part of 9 years. It’s only fair that I take 1 year off every decade to relax, get fit, live that normal life. 2018, it’s all about Aged In Oak in Las Vegas. 

Here’s some pics from recent works. I’ve been busy with work. I’ll be back soon to give you the next update. Stay positive. 🀘🏻 Carl.

El Paso, March 18, 2017

What’s up world. How’s everyone doing?!?! I hope great. Here’s a quick update on life. I turned 37 on March 12. That was rad. We had a full day of NASCAR racing followed by a dinner at an amazing Italian spot in Vegas. Damn I love living in Las Vegas! Thanks to all my friends and my sexy Lace for putting together an amazing day. 

Moving the shop to a larger location has been a serious ordeal. We have been faced with deadline after deadline after deadline to make April 1st a reality. I’m talking about working construction on the shop every morning for 4 hours before handling a 10 hour day of tattooing. And if I was lucky enough to have a day off, that was an 8-12 hour day of construction. Needless to say. We handled that. Put in an amazing floor that really compliments the tree. Now all we have left is to install the sinks, and a few other small things. April 1st is the day! Hard work and discipline goes a lot further than talking about it. Real talk. 

El Paso Texas. That’s where I am now along with 4 other artists. 3 from aged in oak, 1 from Australia. Always a good time rolling out like a team and handling a convention together! This is the first weekend of a 5 week trip for myself. El Paso, Boston, New York, North Carolina. I have a pretty hectic schedule up until June. Than I’m home for the majority of the summer!

September is going to be amazing! Lace and I are traveling to Europe for 30 days! Iceland, Switzerland, Rome Italy, London U.K. CAN YOU SAY EPIC!?!?!? We are both looking forward to this trip, planning our amazing things. It’s going to great. 

Here’s a video of the new floor at the Aged In Oak XL. And a video of a tattoo I just did, no markers, no stencil. “Graceing.” Hope you like it. Talk to you soon! Carl​




February 20,2017

Hello. Thought I’d give you a quick update on life and everything that goes with it. I have been extremely busy, working 10 hour days of tattooing along with 6-8 hour days doing the floors at the new shop. Aged In Oak will be moving to a bigger, better, more epic shop coming soon to a theatre near you. πŸ˜‰

No really, we’re moving the shop down the street to a building 3 times bigger. We have some really cool ideas that we’re bringing into the shop, something you’ve never seen before. So be excited to see some rad pix coming around April. 

In between all of this, I caught a stomach bug and spent the good part of the last 36 hours on the toilet destroying my sense of smell. 🀒 finally feeling a little better after a small salad and apple. In my entire tattoo career, I can count the number of times I’ve had to cancel an appointment on one hand. I unfortunately had to cancel one yesterday. I even tried to get up and get ready for the day, there was no way I would’ve been able to concentrate on a large piece or stay off the toilet for that long. Still, it bothers me. I’ll make it up to him later in the year. 

It’s crazy to think that it’s only February and I’m already planning my life for January 2018. Tattooing is a very unique career these days. You can reach whatever level you choose to. Most of us enter with an apprenticeship followed by a walk in “flash” type of approach. We do whatever come through the doors and hope it comes out awesome. As you continue to grow artistically, you then search out more challenging pieces. This is where some people realize the stress that comes along with becoming a “custom artist” and go back to the easy life of hoping for something cool to walk through the door. 

Most artists continue to grow, constantly challenging themselves and pushing boundaries (most of them self made doubts) and eventually move into a full time custom artist roll. Congratulations, you now have the opportunity to work with some amazing people that truly understand the hard work you’ve put in and appreciate the most intimate for of art. Tattooing. 

Along with this comes a certain act of responsibility. It’s a total package deal. You can’t show up late, cancel unexpectantly, you have to be solid. My clients wait 6 months in advance, the majority of them flying in from other states and countries to sit in the chair for 8+ hours a day. Most of them 2 or 3 days in a row. 

Expectations. That’s what we create as artists. To be successful, we must live up to them. My life is planned 6-9 months in advance. Busy is a very familiar word in my vocabulary.

The moral of the story? The most common thing I hear within this tattoo industry is everyone trying to be #1. I find that a funny concept, there is no #1 when it comes to art. It is only what type you prefer. My goal has always been to be the hardest working tattoo artist, which I still work hard at daily. And as my calendar shows, it looks like I’ll be doing so until January of next year hahahaha. Good night everyone. I’ll post again soon. Carl. Here’s some recent work 🀘🏻

February 6, 2017

Had a rad day today at Bullseye Tatoo Shop in Staten Island, NY. Handled a quick 8 hour session and then came back to my boy Danny’s house where I stay the majority of the time when I’m out here. Ate a homemade meal thanks to her wife to be Crystal. And now I’m hitting the sack so I can hit a work out in before tomorrow’s session. 

Here’s the piece done today at Bullseye. Thanks for checking it out. Carl


With the amount of trash on social media these days, I’m forced to reopen my blog and start sharing my artwork and personal things here. If this presidency crap ever simmers down I’ll start interacting more through social media, but until then, I’ve had enough of the bullshit. 

2017 has been an interesting year. Started out with Lace (my woman/assistant/wife to be) getting a hysterectomy. So we took some time off and handled that. Worked a week in Boston, hit Hawaii for a week, hit Miami for a werk, and now I’m back in NY until Friday for the Philadelphia Tattoo Expo. BUSY. That’s an easy way to describe 2017 already. 

This year marks 19 years since I apprenticed to become a tattoo artist. Which makes a life changing year. I’m 36, which means now I have been tattooing longer than half of my life. Lots of dots, lots of ink. Some say you need 10,000 hours of Doing something before you truly understand the trade. I’m probably somewhere around 10,000 tattoos, most of which take 4-8-12 hours. Hahaha. I’m still out trying to learn though, can’t ever learn enough. 

Pretty excited about the shop I work at in Las Vegas called Aged In Oak. We are expanding to a much larger building and have some rad ideas to make it come to life. It’s going to epic, something different and unique. So keep your eyes open around March/April for some rad pics. We are also going to be taking on a YouTube channel with weekly episodes of raw tattooing. So look forward to that also. 

I haven’t posted here in a very long time. Why, just forgetfulness, or laziness. Maybe I’m just too busy. But I’m going to start again now. Here’s a few tattoos I’ve done this year. I’ll post a few every couple days until we catch up to recent activity. Thanks for checking out the post. Talk to you soon. CarlπŸ’€

All dogs go to heaven

Lost a mans best friend last night. Charlie was an amazing dog. Kailee and I picked up him as a pup when he was 8 weeks old. Through divorce and travel he definitely lived in his share of houses. Recently he found himself in a great home south of Las Vegas with a great family. Charlie found himself a new best friend little girl to protect, had a few camping trips, some new dog bff’s. A lot of people knew Charlie and loved him for being such a bad ass! 

Last night he was at his new house, running around with his friends and chasing another dog. He suddenly collapsed into a seizure and eventually stopped breathing. Mouth to mouth and recessitation was tried without and success. My poor boy, his soul has moved on. I’m gonna miss you Charlie Brown. Losing a dog is one of the hardest things to go through. No matter what’s going on in your life, that dogs waiting for you eagerly to love you. All they want is your love, and I gave him a lot of mine. I love you boy, I’ll miss you boy, till we meet again. Carl