Day 28 in Boston

Damn what a day. I’ve been taking these antibiotics because they were subscribed to me by the dentist after my root canal. Well they’ve been destroying me, had to see the doc tonight and pretty much they have been killing my kidneys. Ughhh. Damn I feel like shit. For the 1st time in a long time I couldn’t finish my piece, I don’t like that. I’ve worked hard to get myself able to finish pieces in one session, it’s expected of myself. Damn pills, I’m over all that shit. Time to go herbal when shit hits the fan. For reals. Carl



Day 26 in Boston

Yes I’m still here in Boston. 2 more weeks till I head home. It’s a long trip but considering the end of the year is usually the slowest time for artists, I’m excited about being here. Besides, it’s Boston… I love it here! One day I’ll move here. Did a couple cool pieces today, ate some chicken and almost got sick but somehow it went thru me thank god, can’t afford to get sick with all these appointments going. Anyways, gotta get some rest, Carl.




Day 1 in Dc

First day of the tattoo convention. Did 2 pieces, supposed to do 3 but got started a little late. I’ve been working on a pretty sick leg sleeve of monsters. Added a portrait of Vincent price to his foot today and won best tattoo of the day. Pretty stoked about it. Here’s a pic . Gotta get some rest, got 2 decent sized pieces tomorrow. Carl


Day 15 in Boston

Another day in New England. woke up early and hit a 3 mile run down the mystic, followed by a half hour work out and a 10 hour tattoo session. Third session on the sleeve, have about 5 hours left on it. Pretty pumped on how it’s coming out, so I’m gonna post one photo just for a taste, but gonna hold off on the pix until the entire sleeve is finished and healed. I’m ready for bed, got a big one tomorrow going on film. Look for it. Carl.