The end of my Boston trip

So I finally am heading home, been in Boston since October 29th. Long but busy and fun, did a lot of cool tattoos. Funny how I could do practically 30 days straight of 12 hours+ and then the last day I wake up sick, sore, neck and head pain, sore hands, etc. I’ve definitely put myself thru some shit. I’ll be taking the last 3 weeks of the year off to spend time with the wife and the dogs in the new house. Carl.





Day 1 million in boston

I’m not even keeping track anymore. Long day today, almost lost my patience but glad I didn’t. Done so many tattoos this trip that I barely remember yesterday’s session. 10 more days and I’ll be home lounging. This trip has been amazing but I can definitely appreciate the upcoming relaxation at the house in December. Here’s a piece from yesterday. A woman’s hand, there’s something very moving about tattooing a woman’s hand. I’m honored. Carl.