What’s next

Well I’m thinking it’s time to update this blog. This weekend was full of surprises and craziness. But Pomona is done. I stayed the extra day to finish two pieces before I head back to Las Vegas for a while. February I’ll be in Charlotte, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Boston. This is my last month of doing this much travel, gonna be working at a brand new shop in Las Vegas called Seven. Not sure the exact day it’ll be open but I am finally ready to take appointments. So if you’re interested hit me up. 6264560223. Carl.



Traveling again

Back in AZ for the week. I’ve come to the conclusion that I just can’t stop traveling, nor do I want to. Also, if you and a few friends want something substantial and can not travel, let me know. I can make time to get out that way, seriously. Ask me, you never know. Got a big week here in Tucson, gonna be posting a lot of pix so look for them. Carl.

2012 is HERE!!!

Alright everyone, let’s get focused. This is not the year to sit in front of the TV all lazy and confused. How many hours do we waste doing nothing? Lets get productive, lets make 2012 worth the time, leave our mark on the world regardless what you do, your hobbies, it doesn’t matter. Lets work hard, harder than we’ve ever worked. Work hard to play hard. Think about it, I used to be the guy who thought I was playing hard doing the weekend thing, drinking, clubs, etc. Now that’s cool in moderation, but really it wasn’t real fun, just temporary bullshit to get me to my next weekend. It’s time to level up, real playing. Traveling, vacationing, whatever you love. It can be anything. I like hiking, it’s free, but I would willingly pay to do it everyday just because it’s what I like. Find out what you love and do it all day everyday. That’s the real secret to happiness, not in a bottle, someone else, anything except fulfilling your passion. I know first hand, for those of you that don’t know me I was a fool. A drunk cocaine partying fool that did everything and nothing, wasted years of my life, YEARS behind bars in a maximum security prison for the dumbest shit. Statistics say only 92% of ex convicts stay out and become successful. And it’s not I just made a mistake and learned my lesson, I went to prison 3 seperate times for a total of 7 years. But another day for the stories, this about motivation! Last year was crazy, I hit so many states and shows, guest spots, ran myself crazy. But I fulfilled my goals. I had a goal to improve my tattooing and art, to get to the level where artists wanted to wear my work on them. What a blessing to see results after diligent hard work. There’s no hidden secret, just do it and do it hard, 123%, focus people. 2012 is going to be insane, but in a good way. Only thing that can stop me is my train of thought, which will never happen I’m too stubborn. Plan your goals, write them down, read them out loud, and accomplish them. Hope this inspired you, Carl.