Well tonight feels like a good day to update my latest info. You know I get talked to by a lot of people about the way I live my life. Most people think I’m working myself into an early grave, sometimes they’re right. I do work a lot as you can see by the constant update of photos and check ins on my Facebook. But life is good now, I got my boy Yager Ryan as my personal assistant and life is so much easier now. I no longer have to juggle the artist and the business side, it’s all art now baby! And I’ve come to the conclusions that I’m not gonna slow down, I’m hungrier than ever! Conventions, guest spots, long days at the amazing Seven studios in Vegas, I’m all about it. This is my love, it’s what I do. Tattooing to me is like therapy. And if you know anything about me and my madness past, you know I need all the therapy I can get. So 2012, buckle up, I’m coming in strong. Chasing awards, covering people. Keep up if you can, it’s 90 mph period! I’m grabbing life by the hips. Carl.




I haven’t updated this blog in for ever. Tonight seems like a good night to do so. But instead of talking bout tattooing and the crazy life I’m caught up in, I’m gonna go a little deeper in my thoughts. I’m tired. I’ve been on the road for 2+ years now and have lost a lot of friends and contact with people I care about. Sometimes I get caught up in the party life and forget about who matters. I get pulled in a lot of different directions with work, friends, family, etc. there’s always somebody let down or upset and it sucks. I’ve met some amazing people and unfortunately I can’t hold onto everyone. It’s easy when you’re the one splitting, but when you’re the one being left behind its rough. Life is a hurricane, smiles and tears. I’ve been so overwhelmed with trying to get better as an artist I lost myself and what’s truly important, along with people I love and care about. Those of you that feel betrayed I apologize, There are no excuses. My hunger for work was fueled by my drive to stay out of jail. The 7 years of prison still fuck up my sleep. I guess I’m fortunate to have this dream life of traveling and somewhat fame, though it is a bitter sweet dream. 32 years old and Im still looking for something, maybe it’s been right under my nose the entire time, maybe I lost it. Human nature pisses me off. We’ve all found diamonds, someone who we think is shiny and amazing. We cherish them and hold them close, never wanting them out of our sites. And then they grow dull, or we misplace them… Out of site out of mind kind of thing. But if we lose them it’s a different story. Now they’re important, now we want them back and it’ll break you down if you can’t have them back. I’ve lost a lot of different things in my life, serenity, freedom, family, friends, diamonds. I’ve traded them for parties and publicity, what a wrong decision. Can’t change the past, all you can do is prove yourself in the future. I hope I do. I want my diamond.