Well tonight feels like a good day to update my latest info. You know I get talked to by a lot of people about the way I live my life. Most people think I’m working myself into an early grave, sometimes they’re right. I do work a lot as you can see by the constant update of photos and check ins on my Facebook. But life is good now, I got my boy Yager Ryan as my personal assistant and life is so much easier now. I no longer have to juggle the artist and the business side, it’s all art now baby! And I’ve come to the conclusions that I’m not gonna slow down, I’m hungrier than ever! Conventions, guest spots, long days at the amazing Seven studios in Vegas, I’m all about it. This is my love, it’s what I do. Tattooing to me is like therapy. And if you know anything about me and my madness past, you know I need all the therapy I can get. So 2012, buckle up, I’m coming in strong. Chasing awards, covering people. Keep up if you can, it’s 90 mph period! I’m grabbing life by the hips. Carl.



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