Gym pass

Bought me a 2 year gym pass today at the athletic club in Las Vegas. I like Vegas, I’m staying here for a long long time. Seven Tattoo Studio is an amazing shop to work at. I miss Sacred Art in Tucson, need to go see my friends and catch up with people I know and miss. I’m getting back in the gym hard starting tomorrow morning and night, time to focus on me and slow down a little with work. My personal life is still pretty crazy, I attract madness and maniacs. But I love it. Carl.



Decisions decisions

Life’s a bitch, you know the rest. I’m gonna be changing some things in the near future. I’m also not doing anymore conventions after September except a few over seas or with the seven shop. I’ll be working exclusively at SEVEN tattoo studio in Las Vegas 3 weeks a month and guest spotting in Boston and a few other places for now on. I need a break from all the shows, the questions, the judgements on my life, etc. I’m not mad, I’m not running, I’m just a little overwhelmed with all the different towns and irritated with bullshit that comes with doing a convention. So the easiest way to get tattooed will be in Vegas, Boston, New York, or Maryland. Dates coming later.