November 26 2012

Here’s a pier from earlier today. I definitely feel like it is one of my stronger pieces, large and visible. I definitely feel like oversized images are where it’s at. What do you think?



8 years ago…

Another year down, damn where did it go? 8 years ago I went to jail, prison, and was released 4 years later. But there is always a positive to the negative. November 21 is also my sobriety date. Today marks 8 years. It’s been a tough ride the first few years, now it’s a life style to stay sober and it definitely helps to my advancement in my art career. Just wanted to thank everyone for the support, the kind words, my clients, friends, family, everyone, I’d definitely be on a different path without you. Happy thanksgiving! Carl.


Day 1 in Boston

First day back in Boston, here for a week and getting as many people as I can in. I wish sleep wasn’t necessary, I’m trying to get it in this trip. I quit smoking 4 days ago, it’s actually a lot easier this time, like something changed in my brain. I like it, I immediately stopped coughing, I enjoy that. Time to get my life back in order, feel like I’m on the right track. Started this piece today, freehand. See u tomorrow.