Jan 14. 2013

January 14. Damn it feels like were already in March. I’ve been busy. Here are some photos of my most recent work. I’m going to be doing my raffle in the next couple days, my assistant Lacee has the flu that’s going around so that’s kind of backed up progress with the raffle. Winner of this raffle get the flight to Las Vegas, a hotel room at Caesars Palace, a ticket to a show on the strip, and a full eight hour session by myself. International flights will have $500 credit towards flight. Tickets are $50 with a limit of two per person and I am capping this raffle out at 70 people. If anyone is interested tomorrow will probably be the last day as we willprobably hit our quota, please contact me at 626-456-0223 or at bigctattoos@gmail.com ASAP. Carl.






2013 tattoos

We’ll I feel like I should spend a Little more time on this blog this year. Today is 3 January. I took the first off, I did this first image on the second, and did these two hands today. This going to be a busy year. You’re gonna see a lit if new work coming from me, I’m gonna try and push the envelope this time. I’m super motivated, working out early everyday, and hitting the shop as we’ll. stay tuned to see what’s new. Carl. 20130103-231301.jpg20130103-231308.jpg20130103-231317.jpg