Been too long

Life’s pretty busy these days, sometimes we get so caught up in life we don’t realize what’s going on around us. This is definitely my down fall, some think its selfishness. I call it striving for more. I’ve tried to be content with not traveling, trying the normal life, staying put, and it’s not for me. Originally I was planning a trip to Europe early this year, then I prolonged it to stay put and get my personal life in order. Well I’ve done that and somehow traveling is back in the calendar. I’m gonna be traveling to several states this year, still gonna stay in the US for the remainder of 2013. Next year however, will be my first step into international waters. I think I’m more worried than excited as I know how crazy things are gone get with the entire world, the US is already busier than I can handle. But these aren’t problems, these are dreams. I got out of prison in 2008 with $200 and a kick in my ass. Only thing that’s got me where I am is hard work and sobriety. I’m gonna hit the rest of this year off hard. Right now we have 4 months of work available and the calendar will be full. It’s gonna be a lot harder to get in next year with all the traveling. So get it in. Here’s some work from today. Carl.