Www.carlgracedesigns.com is open

So after about 4 and a half months of working with different phone case companies and building a website, I’m happy to announce that my phone website is open. I decided to introduce the phone cases as a start and go from there. We brought 4 cases of some of my best known designs. These are available in most of the more popular phones including the iPhones and the samsungs. This cell phone case is a hybrid TPU / hard plastic case. The case has semisoft sides, offering great wraparound protection with a hard plastic back for support. The power button and volume buttons are fully covered by the case. There are cutouts for the camera, silent switch, headphone port, and speakers. The case extends just beyond the front edge of the phone, allowing you to place the cell phone face down and not have it resting directly on the glass. To wrap it all up, the design is printed with a gloss finish to make the image truly stand out. Hope you like them. Carl.