Guests from down under

What a blessing to have these two amazing artists here from Brisbane Australia working with us for a week at SEVEN tattoo studio, Las Vegas. Both of these women are amazing in almost all forms of art, including tattooing. So far in the 3 days of them bring here, we have oil painted, hiked the biggest hike of Red Rock, won big at the craps table (thanks to Lady Luck), tattooed some great pieces, had a great meal at Voodoo steak house, we’re doing it big! They are still here for another 4 days or so! We all at SEVEN feel honored to have such great people here with us! If you’re interested in getting a tattoo from either if them while openings are available, please contact me at 6264560223 or







Day 3 in Boston May 2013

Had the opportunity today to work on a chest piece I have in the making. Definitely one of my stronger pieces. The center skull with the hands is already healed but I made a second pass on some of the darks, freehanded the creepy things on the sides, and ran white highlights through everything. Can’t wait to get the top finished in August when I return to Boston.