Damn, it’s been a wild 24 hours out here in the Netherlands. Took the train to the Amsterdam tattoo museum just to see that it is shut down fully. That sucks. Then I found this outdoor swap meet type set up with all kinds of rad stuff. I’m gonna have to buy a new bag for all this shit I keep acquiring going to places. Here’s a little advice, if you go somewhere amazing, pack half a bag so you can have room for all the stuff you buy. Had a prawn dinner at an Argentina restaurant, BOMB. I’m here for another 36 hours, hopefully gonna make it to the Rembrandt museum tomorrow. Here’s a few tattoos I did while in London. Carl





Next stop, Ansterdam.

Landed in Ansterdam this evening, which happens to be 9 hours ahead of pacific time US. Crazy. That’s all I can say. Found a rad spot to get some healthy grub, and found a massage parlor (a real one) and got an hour massage. I’ve had better, but who’s trying to complain in Amsterdam? I never dreamed I’d be doing this shit, I never thought I’d get off parole and get out of the bullshit. But here we are. I had a blast in London, definitely will be back next year. Here’s 2 pieces I freehanded right when I got to London. Hope you like, I’ll keep you posted in a few. Carl