Next stop, Ansterdam.

Landed in Ansterdam this evening, which happens to be 9 hours ahead of pacific time US. Crazy. That’s all I can say. Found a rad spot to get some healthy grub, and found a massage parlor (a real one) and got an hour massage. I’ve had better, but who’s trying to complain in Amsterdam? I never dreamed I’d be doing this shit, I never thought I’d get off parole and get out of the bullshit. But here we are. I had a blast in London, definitely will be back next year. Here’s 2 pieces I freehanded right when I got to London. Hope you like, I’ll keep you posted in a few. Carl





One response to “Next stop, Ansterdam.

  1. Somebody promised me once that if I just lived my life doing the next right thing I couldn’t dream big enough for what was to come. I’m amazed everyday. Thank you for writing about where you’re at, its an amazing and fascinating journey you’re on. Lyr. PS tattoos look great like always.!

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