It’s been a while since I’ve dropped an update on the blog. So why not do so today. I’m in Germany, flew here last week and am here for the next 10 days or so. It’s pretty cold, but so is Most of the U.S. I flew into Munich, then grabbed a small flight into Dresden, then went to Zwickau for a tattoo expo. What a great show, small, but quality artist everywhere. Was an honor to be invited and attend the expo. After the show I did a few days of work at Randy Engelhard’s tattoo shop. That was a very cool place, smaller city with a very comfortable way of living. Went into a church that is over 700 years old, ate some good real food, it was a great experience.
After Zwickau I took a train to Berlin for 3 days where I stayed at a friends house. Berlin is crazy, that’s a city that went from control and communism to free reign and they use their rights towards it. I went to 3 different clubs, 2 of which I’ve never seen anything like in the entire world. I legitimately have been to hell now haha.
After berlin ( and tattooing my friend Sofi’s head) I headed to Frankfurt on the train and now I’m in munzenburg working at Chris and Makani’s fallout-tattoo. Small small city, quiet and away from the worlds bullshit. This is the true definition of relaxing. I’ll be here for another 9 days or so and then I head off to Sweden. Looking forward to seeing some of these ancient castles they have here.
Being on the road is amazing, I get to see things people can only dream about, it really is life changing. However, I need to find balance in life. I’ve been home (Las Vegas) for 2 weeks out of the past 8 months. And I looked into the calendar right now and realized I’ve been so focused on where I’m going next, that I have less than 2 weeks planned to go home until October 😳. Damn. I think I’m gonna take some time off from the road at the end of 2015 ( considering we are barely starting this year) and relax a bit at home. I say this now, but then something will come up and I’m gone again haha. Anyways, this is what I’m doing these days. Here’s some pics I’ve taken that I think are interesting. 💀