Grind time

This has been an epic trip so far. I went from Germany, to Sweden, to Boston, to Detroit, to New York. It’s been rowdy!!! Been grinding like crazy doing full day sessions with late nights, no rest for the wicked, and no days off till Peru. I needed to get back to work for a while and save, I was going broke being on the road the past 10 months. Hotel rooms add up like crazy. I go back to Vegas the end of April for a week and then I’m back on the road for a few months. Definitely wouldn’t trade what I’ve seen and experienced for anything in the world, but I’m definitely home sick and could use a month waking up in my own bed. I won’t get that for a while, maybe the end of the year, but it’ll be nice to be there for a week. Here’s some pictures of some work I’ve done, I have way too many to show, so I’ll pick a hand full. Carl💀








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