Stockholm Sweden Ink Bash 2015

      If you would’ve told me I’d be living this life like this when I got out of prison in 2008, I would’ve told you you were high. Not today, I am such a different man. Now I’m dreaming, big too. The fact that I flew out to Stockholm Sweden this weekend is such a 180 from the old me. I met a lot of people and received a lot of positive feedback from clients and other artists. Hard work really does pay off, and I’ve been working Hard!!!

      • I was super excited to win best tattoo of the day on Friday here in Stockholm. A lot of talent at this convention, from all over the world. Traveling has been so amazing and productive in my career and my psyche. I can’t stop now, though I go back and forth mentally with wanting to be home and wanting to view the world. It’s hard to keep a happy medium, especially the addict in me always wanting to do more and more. Good thing I’ve been sober 10 years, it would be a bit of a different life for myself if not. 
      • Here’s a video of what we won with on Friday. Everything was Freehanded on with markers, about 8 hours of tattooing here. Carlđź’€