Getting ready for 2016

For the first time in the last 6 years. I’ve actually taken some time off to prep and plan for 2016. It has been amazing. My thought processes towards tattooing have been restimulated and original ideas are once again flowing rapidly. I think a lot of people don’t understand that being a “freehand” or “original artwork” artist is very trying on the imagination. Not only that, but I also work long days and longer weeks. So I feel like i was getting a bit redundant with coming up with new ideas.

That’s no longer the case. 2016 is going to be the year we push the industry again. I have worked so hard on becoming a freehand artist and feel like I have earned the respect from my peers and clients in that category. Now it’s time to turn the scales and return back to a bit more foundation. Stenciling, planning, prepping, etc. not for the entire piece, because I still enjoy using the anatomy and curves of the human body to make images appeal to the eye and compliment the area. But, I’m very excited to bring back some more true imagery artwork into my work. 

The best part about this, is my assistant/queen Lace has been studying photography and is coming along quite quickly! We have already done 2 shoots of still life skills and props and have a large bit of reference ready for the new year. We also have another shoot for this weekend and will continue to stay on it.

The main thing I strive for as an artist is to be unique. I have always done something different, always driven for one of a kind work. I feel like I am respected for this in my work. The problem with today and this industry is most artists are lazy fucks that just jump on google and find cool images to duplicate. That’s not my way. And thought I have used and still use the Internet for direction and influence in my work, I no longer just go to google for the answers. Which is why it is important to me that I take my own photos, build my own images, freehand my own flow, and create one of a kind pieces for every client that comes to get work from me. 

I hope this excites my work load for 2016. If you are booked for 2016, we are going to create amazingness together. If you aren’t booked yet, and want to pick up something, email soon. Half the year is booked up already and it will fill up soon, my assistant does her job well.

Last bit of tonight. Thank you to everyone that allows me to create in their skin. I always give them my best, and I always work hard. 2016 will be the same. Talk to you soon. Carl