March 28, 2016

Ok blog, we’re gonna start updating you again regularly. Seems like social media is constantly changing, people are going from Facebook to Instagram to Vine and Snapchat and blab blah blah blah bla. I don’t have the time to do all 5 social media sites, plus periscope and Facebook live. It’s too much. 

So…I’m going to updating this blog at least 2 times a week to share some actual high resolution full screen photos and tell you a bit about what’s going on in my life. Please keep in mind this is not an online tattoo portfolio. This is my blog, my journal, my story. There will be personal things written and shared. I keep my personal life out of all social media, this blog is my way of sharing my works and my personal life together. So if you’re into it l, great. If not, I will continue updating pics on Facebook and IG and you can go from there. 

I’m in NY right now, been on the road this time for 2 weeks now, got about 4 left before I head home again. I went to El Paso, Texas for a convention 2 weeks ago on the Fort Bliss Military base. Had a rad show there. I then flew to Manhattan to do a 2 day guest spot at Last Rites along with my good friend Teneile Napoli who is visitning from Australia. Then we jumped over to Grit N Glory for a 1 day guest spot which was great. She’s still up there at Grit, I am now down at Bulleye in Staten Island. 

There’s a convention this weekend in Queens, or Jamaica Plains. Somewhere in a casino in one of the 5 Burroughs of New York. I’m looking for ward to it. Love New York. I’ll be here until April 7, then shooting north to Boston for 10 days to do the convention and guest spot with my good friends at Boston Tattoo Company. 

Any and all inquiries about work should be handled through email or phone. or 6264560223. Ask for Lacee❤️👸🏻

Here are some pictures of some tattoos I’ve done recently. I have been working A LOT! That’s how you get ahead in life, earn it. I watched my father do it and still do it at the age of 72. Work ethic, work hard to play hard. 

Talk to you soon. Carl💀 

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