The bird and the beast

Super busy week. Came home from Texas on Monday and packed up everything I own. Went to work on Tuesday and worked all day. Moved all my stuff on Wednesday into the new house with my amazing woman Lacee. Now for the next week my day consists of the gym at 9-10, work from 12-8+ and then come back to the house to unpack a box or 2 a day until I’m fully unpacked and actually know where everything is. 

  • I’ve dated and married a few women in my life. All of them were important to me in some way. Truthfully throughout all of them, Lacee was always there regardless. We’ve been friends for 8 years now and she’s been my assistant for the past 4 years. Dating for a year now, it seems like we’ve been dating our entire life. Building a friendship and a business relationship, building TRUST, is the key to establishing a solid bond. I’m so thankful to call her mine. I love you Lace❤️


Texas New Braunfels. Ink Masters Tattoo Expo

Had a blast this past week down here at new Braunfels, Texas. Was a smaller show but none the less had a real good time and met a lot of great artists. Now I’m sitting here at the Budget Car Rental waiting for them to open so I can catch my flight to Vegas. *Note to self, don’t ever use Budget again, they suck.* 

I like Texas. It seems a bit slower and people are a bit happier than the rest of the world. Definitely going to be doing more conventions out this way in the future. 

Came out solo on this trip, short trip of 4 days. After a weekend of long hours of work and living off of protein bars and almonds, I’m ready to get home for the next 3 weeks. Going to make the month of May a serious commitment of personal fitness and diet. Summer’s coming and I’m tired of being heavy. I’ve been hitting the workouts pretty hard consistently, but it’s time for the dreaded cut cycle. So if I seem like an ass hole for the next month, you now why. 

Here’s some of the work that was done here at the Ink Masters Tattoo Expo this past weekend. My aftercare “Under Ink” “Over Ink” did pretty well this weekend. Nothing but positive feedback and seems like a lot of people are going to be carrying the product very soon. to order yours. 

Until next time. Carl💀 



Just landed in Chicago. It’s been a pretty rad trip the past 4 weeks. Worked with a lot of great friends and at a handful of amazing shops. Was great to make it up to Boston again. I’ve been going to the Boston Tattoo Company for 7 years now. Damn time flies by. I used to go to Boston almost monthly. After getting my passport, I’ve been traveling a lot more to distant lands and spent less time going to regular places in the U.S. It was great to get back up there and spend time with friends. 

Now I’m in Chicago getting the final preparations ready to launch the Carl Grace Tattoo aftercare. There are both tubes and tubs available. The tubs were designed for the artists to use while tattooing and for large scale tattoos. The tubes were designed for clients to have a quality ointment to heal the tattoo correctly. 

Let me take the time to explain these products. As an artist who does long sessions daily on the same person, creating large scale tattoos, and charging full day sessions, it is very important to me that my clients are using the best ointment available to heal their tattoos. I have tried my share of different aftercare products, even endorsed a few. But I always found myself going back to recommending Aquaphor. However, I still felt like Aquaphor was a bit too thick and truthfully I didn’t feel great recommending my client to go to Walgreens or CVS to buy some cream. Those days are gone.

Imagine a product with all the healing products of Aquaphor, half the petroleum, and enriched with other quality healing oils. I’m not going to too my own horn, but I will say that everyone that has tried the ointment has loved it. And I will also say that my tattoos are healing faster, bolder, better. Period. It feels good to have an aftercare product available for my clients that was not only created by an artist that is INVOLVED in the tattoo industry, but also created and manufactured in the USA. 

Anyways. The website will be up and running this week and product will be available for all artists and collectors to purchase and carry. If anyone is interested in carrying this product, please feel free to email me at and we can get things moving.  

Here is a piece I did last week at the Boston Tattoo Convention. Obviously I added some more to the top. But it is clear that the bottom area (a very large and saturated area) is fully healed flawlessly in 7 days. The product speaks for itself. Hope you guys are as excited as I am. 

I’m in Chicago until Thursday, then off to Texas for the Ink Masters Tattoo Convention. Then I’m home for 3 weeks! 😁 talk to you soon. Carl💀


Bullseye Tattoo Studio New York

Back here at bull’s-eye tattoo studio for the week. Always good to come out here I’ll work on my boy Danny, we going hard with 12 to 15 hour days every day. Are used to think it was pretty normal for TattooArtist to put in long days like this, but recently it’s come to my attention that it’s only me and my circle and actually do this daily. I guess most people don’t really truly understand the meaning of hustle hard.

With that said I’m here till Thursday, I’ve been fly to Boston for the Boston Tattoo Co. then chin followed by a guest spot at Boston Tattoo Co. for a week. After that I’ll be going to Chicago for a few days then to Texas for a convention and I’m back home for a couple weeks which is great because I miss my woman Lacee❤️ 

Here’s two tattoos that I did today. I hope you like them and I will talk to you guys again soon thanks. Carl💀 


United Ink New York 2016

Here we are in New York going in hard at the United Ink Tattoo Convention. It’s actually in Jamaica Plains, not the nicest area in the US. It’s always good to catch up with my friends and work together. I honestly believe that a huge amount of growth comes from working with people that make you inspired to grow, in all industries. Glad so many of us came out here to hang out and work this show together. Especially Teneile who changed her flight to stay the extra week and work with us. 👍🏻

It’s always a great weekend having my woman with me. Being that she can only travel every other week, I value the weeks that she can and does come out and hang out and work with me. Thanks for being a great woman to me Lace. 

I’m in New York at Bullseye until next week, then I’m off to Boston for 2 weeks to attend the Boston Tattoo Convention and guest spot with my good friends at the Boston Tattoo Company. After that is followed with a 3 day trip to Chicago for business, then a quick shot down to Texas for another convention. And that will conclude this 6 week trip away from him (Las Vegas). 

Here’s some pics of some recent work and some pix of me and everyone at the show working together. Hope you enjoy them. Carl