United Ink New York 2016

Here we are in New York going in hard at the United Ink Tattoo Convention. It’s actually in Jamaica Plains, not the nicest area in the US. It’s always good to catch up with my friends and work together. I honestly believe that a huge amount of growth comes from working with people that make you inspired to grow, in all industries. Glad so many of us came out here to hang out and work this show together. Especially Teneile who changed her flight to stay the extra week and work with us. 👍🏻

It’s always a great weekend having my woman with me. Being that she can only travel every other week, I value the weeks that she can and does come out and hang out and work with me. Thanks for being a great woman to me Lace. 

I’m in New York at Bullseye until next week, then I’m off to Boston for 2 weeks to attend the Boston Tattoo Convention and guest spot with my good friends at the Boston Tattoo Company. After that is followed with a 3 day trip to Chicago for business, then a quick shot down to Texas for another convention. And that will conclude this 6 week trip away from him (Las Vegas). 

Here’s some pics of some recent work and some pix of me and everyone at the show working together. Hope you enjoy them. Carl 



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