Bullseye Tattoo Studio New York

Back here at bull’s-eye tattoo studio for the week. Always good to come out here I’ll work on my boy Danny, we going hard with 12 to 15 hour days every day. Are used to think it was pretty normal for TattooArtist to put in long days like this, but recently it’s come to my attention that it’s only me and my circle and actually do this daily. I guess most people don’t really truly understand the meaning of hustle hard.

With that said I’m here till Thursday, I’ve been fly to Boston for the Boston Tattoo Co. then chin followed by a guest spot at Boston Tattoo Co. for a week. After that I’ll be going to Chicago for a few days then to Texas for a convention and I’m back home for a couple weeks which is great because I miss my woman Lacee❤️ 

Here’s two tattoos that I did today. I hope you like them and I will talk to you guys again soon thanks. Carl💀 



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