Texas New Braunfels. Ink Masters Tattoo Expo

Had a blast this past week down here at new Braunfels, Texas. Was a smaller show but none the less had a real good time and met a lot of great artists. Now I’m sitting here at the Budget Car Rental waiting for them to open so I can catch my flight to Vegas. *Note to self, don’t ever use Budget again, they suck.* 

I like Texas. It seems a bit slower and people are a bit happier than the rest of the world. Definitely going to be doing more conventions out this way in the future. 

Came out solo on this trip, short trip of 4 days. After a weekend of long hours of work and living off of protein bars and almonds, I’m ready to get home for the next 3 weeks. Going to make the month of May a serious commitment of personal fitness and diet. Summer’s coming and I’m tired of being heavy. I’ve been hitting the workouts pretty hard consistently, but it’s time for the dreaded cut cycle. So if I seem like an ass hole for the next month, you now why. 

Here’s some of the work that was done here at the Ink Masters Tattoo Expo this past weekend. My aftercare “Under Ink” “Over Ink” did pretty well this weekend. Nothing but positive feedback and seems like a lot of people are going to be carrying the product very soon. http://www.carlgrace.com to order yours. 

Until next time. Carl💀 



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