The bird and the beast

Super busy week. Came home from Texas on Monday and packed up everything I own. Went to work on Tuesday and worked all day. Moved all my stuff on Wednesday into the new house with my amazing woman Lacee. Now for the next week my day consists of the gym at 9-10, work from 12-8+ and then come back to the house to unpack a box or 2 a day until I’m fully unpacked and actually know where everything is. 

  • I’ve dated and married a few women in my life. All of them were important to me in some way. Truthfully throughout all of them, Lacee was always there regardless. We’ve been friends for 8 years now and she’s been my assistant for the past 4 years. Dating for a year now, it seems like we’ve been dating our entire life. Building a friendship and a business relationship, building TRUST, is the key to establishing a solid bond. I’m so thankful to call her mine. I love you Lace❤️


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