February 6, 2017

Had a rad day today at Bullseye Tatoo Shop in Staten Island, NY. Handled a quick 8 hour session and then came back to my boy Danny’s house where I stay the majority of the time when I’m out here. Ate a homemade meal thanks to her wife to be Crystal. And now I’m hitting the sack so I can hit a work out in before tomorrow’s session. 

Here’s the piece done today at Bullseye. Thanks for checking it out. Carl


2 responses to “February 6, 2017

  1. Man I love looking at tattoos that you’ve done. Do you think you’ll ever come down to Alabama or nearby state and then tattoo for a day or two? I’m retired from the active duty Marine Corps after 21 years of service on 30 November 2008. I’ve had an idea about a getting a specific tattoo on my back FULL BACK and maybe shoulders over on tomy chest celebrating my retirement from the United States Marine Corps.

    The Marine Corps was and still is a huge part of my like and who I am today. I’d go back tomorrow if they could fix my back correctly. I was blessed to be in Corps as long as I was and I still love being a Marine (always) and being around young and old Marines. We are Brothers and I need to celebrate that.

    I would love for you to tattoo the idea in my head into art on my back.

    Please contact me if you are ever coming to or near Birmingham, AL. (250 miles away no problem.)

    All contact information listed below.

    Best Regards,

    Jay D. McCombs | Logistics Coordinator, Intermodal Operations | Mode Transportation | 240 Riverhills Business Park | Birmingham, Alabama 35242 | Office Tel 205.991.9733 | | Direct Tel 205.470.4751 | Cell 205.470.4751 | |jay.mccombs@modetransportation.com | | http://www.modetransportation.com

    Master Sergeant
    United States Marine Corps (Retired)

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