El Paso, March 18, 2017

What’s up world. How’s everyone doing?!?! I hope great. Here’s a quick update on life. I turned 37 on March 12. That was rad. We had a full day of NASCAR racing followed by a dinner at an amazing Italian spot in Vegas. Damn I love living in Las Vegas! Thanks to all my friends and my sexy Lace for putting together an amazing day. 

Moving the shop to a larger location has been a serious ordeal. We have been faced with deadline after deadline after deadline to make April 1st a reality. I’m talking about working construction on the shop every morning for 4 hours before handling a 10 hour day of tattooing. And if I was lucky enough to have a day off, that was an 8-12 hour day of construction. Needless to say. We handled that. Put in an amazing floor that really compliments the tree. Now all we have left is to install the sinks, and a few other small things. April 1st is the day! Hard work and discipline goes a lot further than talking about it. Real talk. 

El Paso Texas. That’s where I am now along with 4 other artists. 3 from aged in oak, 1 from Australia. Always a good time rolling out like a team and handling a convention together! This is the first weekend of a 5 week trip for myself. El Paso, Boston, New York, North Carolina. I have a pretty hectic schedule up until June. Than I’m home for the majority of the summer!

September is going to be amazing! Lace and I are traveling to Europe for 30 days! Iceland, Switzerland, Rome Italy, London U.K. CAN YOU SAY EPIC!?!?!? We are both looking forward to this trip, planning our amazing things. It’s going to great. 

Here’s a video of the new floor at the Aged In Oak XL. And a video of a tattoo I just did, no markers, no stencil. “Graceing.” Hope you like it. Talk to you soon! Carl​