April 9, 2017

What’s up world. Figured now would be a good time to update the lates in my life. Been on the road for a month now, from El Paso, to Boston, to New York. Today’s Sunday. On Friday I fly to North Carolina for the All American Tattoo Expo. Going to be a rad convention, I’ll be there with 3 others from the Aged in Oak Team. 

After that, I have 4 days off to head down and hang with Lace and her folks, they moved to North Carolina last year, so we booked this trip for this sole purpose. Following that I have a 2nd expo in charlotte where I’ll be working for 3 days. Long story short, I’m still on the road, and it looks like I’ll be on the road for somewhat the majority of the year minus the summer and after October. 

Next year, immgetting OFF the road. I’m limiting myself to 90 days of travel (including holidays). Limiting myself to 3 domestic tattoo conventions. Meaning, people are going to have to travel to Vegas for a year. I’ve been on the road for the goood part of 9 years. It’s only fair that I take 1 year off every decade to relax, get fit, live that normal life. 2018, it’s all about Aged In Oak in Las Vegas. 

Here’s some pics from recent works. I’ve been busy with work. I’ll be back soon to give you the next update. Stay positive. 🤘🏻 Carl.


2 responses to “April 9, 2017

  1. Christopher sends his love and respect to you .He wants you to know how proud he is of you and all you have accomplished . Keep it up going strong and he will see you in less then 3 years .
    Right now he is in the bay but keeps track of all you do . Congratulations on living a solid life .

  2. Carl! Wonderful art, as usual. Nice to read your updates. Glad all is going well. I hope to get back to Vegas at some point. In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy your work vicariously. 🙂

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