April 24, 2017

Well damn that was a long trip! Finally made it home today after being gone for the past 6 weeks. El Paso, Boston, New York, North Carolina! It was roudy, I worked the majority of the trip (I mean almost every minute of everyday)! 
Got home today, watched a movie with Lace, grabbed dinner from CPK, and then went down to the park to get some running in. Long story short, damn I love home. Feels good to have something positive to come home to. I have a pretty busy schedule left for 2017. That’s ok, we have some rad trips planned and I don’t mind going out with a BANG! However, next year is going to be a year like no one has seen from me. 
Traveling is Coming to an abrupt halt. We are planning on getting a dog at the end of the year, along with a couple classes at the community college nearby. I’ve been given an allowance of 90 days of traveling, 1/4 of the year. Which to most might seem like a lot, however, I’m usually on the road 9 months a year. It’s a full 180, and it’s going to be awesome. 
Going to be very picky about the tattoo projects I take on next year. I think I’m looking to do predominately large pieces only. Sleeves will be the smallest project I take on. 19 years of tattooing, I’m just ready to take my artwork to larger scale artworks instead of small bangers. I’m sure there will still be time for a few smaller pieces here and there, but large Works will definitely have priority!
I’m not going to stay on this blog too long, gotta get some rest so we can hit Turtle Head hike tomorrow, I’m only home until Thursday. No rest for the wicked. Here’s a few pieces I’ve done lately that I feel represent the newer approach to tattooing. I’m coming in a little slower, making things tighter, darker, crispier. Hope you enjoy them. Please comment below. Thanks, carl 💀


5 responses to “April 24, 2017

  1. No sleeves?:(. I thought full sleeves were big projects. You are amazing,I sure hope you will want to do some full sleeves in the future.

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