A little about carl grace

Where should I start… I guess if you know where I cam from than you know me from before. Those of you that are new, I’m just me. Focused is the word I would use. I live for my family and my art, very passionate for creating one of a kind artwork. I travel a lot, from the east coast to the west, constantly chasing what I can never find or know. I’ll make it short, I do tattoos and live life to the fullest. Want some therapy? Come get tattooed by me, I’ll leave you smiling and confused… Carl Grace.www.carlgrace.com


8 responses to “A little about carl grace

  1. Would love to catch up with you somewhere in your travels to get a new tattoo from you. Anyone I can contact to set up a time and date?

  2. I know this is a long shot, but me and my cousin have been huge fans of your work for some time now, alothough he’s been a fan for much longer (he introduced me to your work about 2 years ago). I was wondering if you’ll ever be anywhere near Tennessee so he can get a tattoo done by you and how much it would be to have one done on his rib (i have a picture as well).

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