Boston guest spot

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog, too busy, or maybe I just forget. I’m gonna try to make it a habit to stay on this at least 2 times a week. Here’s one of my recent pieces done during my guest spot in Boston at the Boston tattoo company. Hope you like it. Carl





Guests from down under

What a blessing to have these two amazing artists here from Brisbane Australia working with us for a week at SEVEN tattoo studio, Las Vegas. Both of these women are amazing in almost all forms of art, including tattooing. So far in the 3 days of them bring here, we have oil painted, hiked the biggest hike of Red Rock, won big at the craps table (thanks to Lady Luck), tattooed some great pieces, had a great meal at Voodoo steak house, we’re doing it big! They are still here for another 4 days or so! We all at SEVEN feel honored to have such great people here with us! If you’re interested in getting a tattoo from either if them while openings are available, please contact me at 6264560223 or







Day 3 in Boston May 2013

Had the opportunity today to work on a chest piece I have in the making. Definitely one of my stronger pieces. The center skull with the hands is already healed but I made a second pass on some of the darks, freehanded the creepy things on the sides, and ran white highlights through everything. Can’t wait to get the top finished in August when I return to Boston.




20130505-002120.jpg is open

So after about 4 and a half months of working with different phone case companies and building a website, I’m happy to announce that my phone website is open. I decided to introduce the phone cases as a start and go from there. We brought 4 cases of some of my best known designs. These are available in most of the more popular phones including the iPhones and the samsungs. This cell phone case is a hybrid TPU / hard plastic case. The case has semisoft sides, offering great wraparound protection with a hard plastic back for support. The power button and volume buttons are fully covered by the case. There are cutouts for the camera, silent switch, headphone port, and speakers. The case extends just beyond the front edge of the phone, allowing you to place the cell phone face down and not have it resting directly on the glass. To wrap it all up, the design is printed with a gloss finish to make the image truly stand out. Hope you like them. Carl.





Been too long

Life’s pretty busy these days, sometimes we get so caught up in life we don’t realize what’s going on around us. This is definitely my down fall, some think its selfishness. I call it striving for more. I’ve tried to be content with not traveling, trying the normal life, staying put, and it’s not for me. Originally I was planning a trip to Europe early this year, then I prolonged it to stay put and get my personal life in order. Well I’ve done that and somehow traveling is back in the calendar. I’m gonna be traveling to several states this year, still gonna stay in the US for the remainder of 2013. Next year however, will be my first step into international waters. I think I’m more worried than excited as I know how crazy things are gone get with the entire world, the US is already busier than I can handle. But these aren’t problems, these are dreams. I got out of prison in 2008 with $200 and a kick in my ass. Only thing that’s got me where I am is hard work and sobriety. I’m gonna hit the rest of this year off hard. Right now we have 4 months of work available and the calendar will be full. It’s gonna be a lot harder to get in next year with all the traveling. So get it in. Here’s some work from today. Carl.